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The B Corps of California

California has more B lab certified companies than any other state.


  Known collectively as 

B Corps, a B Lab certified business is one whose purpose goes beyond shareholder accountability, which requires only that profits be made, and attempts to recognize all the ways that a business may impact the environment and its community. 



Certification is obtained by applying through a non-profit called B Lab and thereafter being held to agreed-upon standards.  It's a rigorous process.  It can take over a year to be certified, and many fail and must try again.  But what these company owners and stakeholders are attempting to do is create a

safer, happier, more equitable world.  They consider it worth the effort.

As of April 15, 2024 California has 424 B Lab Certified Businesses.  Here are 16 of them.  A full listing, with links, can be found here.

For a full listing of California B Corps, with links, click here.   

B Corps by state

And for the latest news, click here.

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