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  • Susan Morton

Marine Layer's Re-Spun will now recycle any of your old clothes.

Marine Layer’s Re-Spun program has already saved 100’s of thousands of tee- shirts from landfills, and now they have kicked it up a notch.  Now they will take any of those unloved clothes in your closet--old jeans, mismatched socks—curtains?  Even those.

And because Re-Spun is at the core of Marine Layer’s philosophy, this promotion is not going away tomorrow.  Marine Layer is aware that apparel industry is very wasteful, with approximately 87% of discarded textiles ending up in landfills, and has become one of the very few that are doing something about it. (Mate is another.)

So what do you, as the customer, get out of it?  And how does it work?

First you order the bags.  They cost $20 each and you can get up to three per order.  Once filled with those things that not even the local thrifts want, scan the QR code for a shipping label and to automatically get a $40 reward to use on any of Marine Layer’s great line of clothes.

Yup, that’s what you get. Basically it's $20 off.  And the knowledge that you are doing something really great and forward-thinking for the planet, which is worth a whole lot more.

Wouldn’t this make a great gift?


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