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  • Susan Morton

Marine Layer is now B Corp certified.

Only about .1% of all apparel companies in the United States manage to become B Corp certified. The garment industry is rife with waste, pollution and the exploitation of workers, and

Marine Layer Re-Spun Tee

it's not easy getting there. But here is a California apparel business that has made an outstanding effort, and look at these beautiful clothes!

Marine Layer's Re-Spun program collects old tees (for which you will get a credit) and breaks them down to fibers that can be used in new tee shirts like the one here. Since 2018 they have diverted 575,000 tees from landfills. They also try whenever possible to use sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester, Tencel and hemp. In fact they describe themselves as "fabric obsessed," and have even managed to create new fibers--over 100 new fibers in the last 10 years.

California dreaming? These classic clothes embody the spirit of California. I hope you will check them out. I know I will.

Their website is here.

Marine Layer California style fashion


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