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  • Susan Morton

Patagonia Introduces the Home Planet Fund

Indigenous farmers harvesting crops

Patagonia says—says it unequivocally and repeatedly—that the company is “all in for the earth,” and with the introduction of the Home Planet Fund the company has once again proved its resolve.  This new nonprofit will fund indigenous peoples and communities who have practiced “nature-based solutions” for perhaps hundreds of years, but whose practices are under-funded and often under-appreciated.  Some are in places suffering from conflict.

As Patagonia says, “We work in places where others can’t or won’t.”

Patagonia provided $20 million dollars as seed money.  Patagonia will also pay for all operating costs, so 100 percent of donations will be distributed to indigenous and community based solutions.

The Home Planet Fund is, of course, 501(c)3 tax-exempt.  You can make a donation here.  And yes, this blogger made a donation.  I haven’t been this inspired by an environmental charity for a while.

Afghanistan scene of boys on donkeys carrying water
Boys on donkeys with water jugs walk along the Ajar River, Bamiyan Provence, Afghanistan. By Beth Wall


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