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  • Susan Morton

Earth Bound Homes is now B Corp Certified!

Building a home is well-known as one of the most stressful of life events. Making these folks your first point of contact can significantly ease that stress.

Based in San Jose, these builders use sustainable materials and methods to build homes that are healthy for their owners and their families. Rather than designing the homes themselves, they integrate and coordinate with architects, engineers and contractors to streamline the building process. Early assessments of costs allow the homeowner to make important decisions before the construction even begins, and alternatives can be offered to increase efficiency and also lower costs.

They have long been considered the Northern California’s experts on passive solar, and are experts at knowing what materials may replace those that contain hazardous or toxic chemicals.

B Lab gave them a very impressive first score of 129. To find out more about Earth Bound Homes and check out their portfolio of beautiful homes, see here.


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