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  • Susan Morton

Equator Coffee scores 93 points on Coffee Review

A cup of Equator Coffee

Equator Coffee's Java Argopuro Mountain Anaerobic Natural Coffee (now that's a mouthful!) just scored 93 points on Coffee Review. Not that this is first time an Equator Coffee has been rated highly on Coffee Review. I searched Coffee Review's website and found that 18 of Equator's wonderful coffees have been rated 90 or higher in the last 5 years. One is my current favorite: their Mocha Java Blend.

I do hope to try this one. Coffee Review describes it this way: "Sweetly tart and cocoa-toned. Pineapple, cocoa, violet, agave syrup, hazelnut in aroma and cup. Gently and brightly sweet-tart in structure; smooth and lively in mouthfeel. Cocoa and pineapple carry into a sweet, quiet finish."

And as for that name? The coffee grows in the shadow of Mt Argopuro in East Java, Indonesia. The beans are processed using a method where the coffee cherries ferment in an anaerobic environment before being dried on raised beds. This method is suited to the area since fresh water is scarce there. Equator Coffees says, "The result is a fruit-forward flavor profile not often seen in coffees from Indonesia."

You can find it here.

Equator Coffee Scores 93 points


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