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  • Susan Morton

Everyman Jack is now a B Corp.

Since its inception 16 years ago Everyman Jack has strived to use only natural ingredients and scents. Two years ago they decided they would like to be recognized for this effort and applied to B Lab for certification, and in April of this year they achieved that goal. Everyman Jack is now a B Corp.

Check out their website. This is definitely a manly place but hey ladies if you like to look at handsome men showering--you might want to check it out too. The scents they use--sea salt, sandalwood, cedarwood and crimson oak--do sound luscious. Do women always have to smell like a flower?

Sold just about everywhere--Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, CVS, Walmart and so on--or you can find it here.

Everyman Jack's Body Bar


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